New! Levitate Your Game Workshop! 

  • New for Guru Nation!
  • Advanced Strategies Workshop!
  • Placement, positioning, shot selection, reading opponents' and targeting weaknesses
  • For 4.0 players and above
  • Four to Five Sessions
  • Two Days - Saturday, January 18, & Sunday, January 19, 2020
  • Courts at Vero Beach, Harmony Reserve
  • Maximum 12 participants (additional 5.0 instructor will be present)  
  • $750
  • Water, sports drinks, snacks, fresh fruit will be provided both days

Questions about the Workshop? Shedule a Call with ME!  

Accommodations are NOT included with the workshop; however, accomodations are generally available within a short drive of the courts. All locations are conveniently chosen to be within 1 hour proximity of a main airport.

* Registration is limited to 4.0+ players. Make sure to click here to download my Ratings & Goals Guide to confirm your current skill level before registering.

If you have any questions or concerns go ahead and click the button below to schedule a call and I will be happy to talk it over with you.


Refund Policy 

Before the Workshop - 

Your best experience is based on a full bootcamp of 8 - 12 players to ensure we have a good balance of foursomes.  

Last minute cancellations have a negative impact on everyone in the workshop unless one of our players on our waiting list can take your place. 

Therefore there are no refunds less than 45 days prior to the workshop, although if you have an emergency you may transfer your reservation to a different date/location and/or person.

45-90 days 50 percent refund

“I cannot say enough great things about Prem's teachings... My husband and I had both read his book.... But to be able to hear him speak about these concepts, listen to him explain in greater detail and then get to practice over and over under his watchful eye was terrific. He has a great teaching style. He is warm and engaging and .... What I liked best about his teaching style was that he emphasized that what he was teaching was “a good way” not THE only method to playing smart pickleball. By doing that [he] took the pressure off of me to feel I needed to do it exactly [his] way and then I could concentrate more on how to execute within my limits. I now feel more confident on the court and much better prepared to deal with the no finesse blam slammers." 

--Desiré Osman 

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