Turks and Caicos

All Inclusive Sandals Resort

Bootcamp Breakthrough Experience!

November 16 - November 23, 2024 

A wonderful opportunity to spend seven days together,

improving your skills beyond your expectations,

no matter your current level of play!

7 Night Accommodations in the

Beautiful Caribbean Village

Enjoy Global Gourmet Dining at 21 Restaurants

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Bootcamp Breakthrough Experience


Registration is Now Open for These Accommodations:

- Double Occupancy, $ 3,526 Per Person

- Triple Occupancy, $2,752 Per Person

- Quadruple Occupancy, $2,356 Per Person

All rates include $500 coaching fee

Deposit: $500 Per Person (Due upon booking to secure your spot)

Final Payment: Due April 15, 2024

Cancellation Policy

$100 On or Before April 15, 2024

35% of Total Cost from April 16, 2024 to July 15 2024

50% of Total Cost from July 16, 2024 to September 15, 2024

Refunds Not Available After September 16, 2024

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Upgrades are Available

There are 5 unique villages to choose from.  If you would like to upgrade your room, please contract Tina at Tina@ThePickleballGuru.com prior to confirming your reservation.

Who Is Bootcamp For?

The Determined Enthusiast

You are a newer pickleball fanatic who has your heart set on getting as good as you possibly can, as QUICKLY as you possibly can.

The Savvy Senior

You're not as young as you used to be and you know you can't beat your competitors with power or speed. That's why you know you're gonna have to depend on your strategy and finesse to really improve your game.

The 3.0-4.0 Competitor

You play competitively, and you've done well in your skill group, but you want to take your game to the next level and start winning more games (and medals!) at the NEXT skill level.

What Students Say:

"[Bootcamp] has been a lot of fun… I’ve taken lessons from Prem before, but it’s been really good to have a little more time to do the indepth work. My wife bought Prem’s book a couple months after we started playing pickleball… but coming to Bootcamp adds on to what the book says, to give you a deeper understanding of WHY the strategies he has work. It’s so much more helpful to have him working with you on the court rather than trying to pick it all up from the book. I’ve been able to really understand what I’m doing and get a better grasp on what changes I should make… What I like about Prem is that he gives you a chance to come to your own realization that the changes he’s suggesting are good. He believes in what he’s saying, but he doesn’t pressure you to do it his way… If you’re thinking about coming to Bootcamp, come with an open mind, ready to make some changes to your game." Craig R. - Saint Simons, GA || BOOTCAMP PARTICIPANT 

"I’d been playing for about 9 months, trying to get better and better… After a tournament, I realized I can’t do it myself, I needed to get some help. So I decided to come to Bootcamp. It’s been incredible in terms of the education I’ve gotten. Prem knows what I’m doing wrong and what I need help with. We spent a lot of time doing drills and he clarified a lot of the things I wasn’t doing right. If you are serious about pickleball, if you want to get better and you don’t just want to be a banger…consider [coming to Bootcamp] because you're going to come back a better player. I had a great time. I’m sore and I’m tired, but I’d do it again!" Charlotte S. - Middletown, CT || BOOTCAMP PARTICIPANT

Flights are NOT included with Bootcamp!

"I like Prem's style, it's great. He’s very laid back, very exact. He’s not negative about anything.... I’ve read the book several times before, [but coming to Bootcamp] gives me an experience with the drills that I can now go effectively practice."

John B. - Clearwater, FL || BOOTCAMP PARTICIPANT

“I cannot say enough great things about Prem's teachings... My husband and I had both read his book.... But to be able to hear him speak about these concepts, listen to him explain in greater detail and then get to practice over and over under his watchful eye was terrific. He has a great teaching style. He is warm and engaging and .... What I liked best about his teaching style was that he emphasized that what he was teaching was “a good way” not THE only method to playing smart pickleball. By doing that [he] took the pressure off of me to feel I needed to do it exactly [his] way and then I could concentrate more on how to execute within my limits. I now feel more confident on the court and much better prepared to deal with the no finesse blam slammers." 

--Desiré Osman 

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